Baby Boomer Music Trivia

Are you a Baby Boomer? How well do you know your music trivia? Take 10 questions chosen at random from our data bank and check your answers immediately. See how well you know your baby boomer music trivia.

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#1. Who wrote the music for the ballet The Firebird.

Written for the Ballets Russes.

#2. What group was Brian Wilson in?

He left the group to concentrate on writing songs.

#3. Which group tried to capture a Chestnut Mare?

The song was written for a musical that was never finished.

#4. Who was Sitting in the Dock of the Bay?

The King of Soul.

#5. Who wrote lyrics to Charlie Mingus tunes?

She produced an album called Mingus.

#6. What band did Keith Moon play with?

Died in 1978

#7. Who duets with Bob Dylan on Nashville Skyline?

He started out with Sun Records.

#8. What group was Glen Frey in?

Died in 2016

#9. Who was a Lion in Zion?

Bob’s father was white.

#10. Who wrote the Eroica symphony?

Inspired by Napoleon Bonaparte


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